Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Space Between Dark and Light

Twilight Lake I
Here's a close-up of Twilight Lake I
I've been forever fascinated by the shifting colors of the setting sun. The warm glow the earth gives off in response to that fleeting ball of fire coming close enough to kiss the horizon.

Here are some attempts to capture that magic in paint. The first two were paintings I did on my own for my Etsy shop and the second two were commissions.

Both custom orders were for the second, darker Twilight painting — done in a larger size; 3' x 4'!

I was excited to get the chance to revisit the theme on such a large canvas and happy to say they are both finished, packed up and on their way to their new homes -- yay!
Twilight Lake II

A close-up of Mindy's Twilight
Mindy's Twilight Lake
Brian's Twilight Lake

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