Monday, May 23, 2011

Nesting Instincts

I've been nesting.

Getting ready for some sales events that are coming up this summer. Among them:

I'll be at Maplewoodstock — a wonderful weekend-long concert in my local town. It will be fun to show my new work to freinds and neighbors.

I'm also hoping to have a Heartsy sale event. For all who are unfamiliar it's a little like Groupon for Etsy. Now I can see you all scratching your heads "What's Groupon?" I'll leave the details of both these fine companies for you to checkout on their websites. Short story is; if they accept me I will run a day long deal through them that is well over 50% off all items! I will tell you more if it happens. (Warning: Heartsy will make you signup for an account to see the deals — but there are some awesome bargins.)

I also plan to have a Grads, Dads and Brides Sale sometime in the beginning of June — keep your eyes out for that!

Anyway, all of this has got me painting away to ensure enough paintings for all who want them. I just finished 28 Nests.

Next up, Backyard Birds!
The Nests

The fuel

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