Friday, May 20, 2011

Meandering Through Some Favorites

I've been feeling guilty.
I belong to several very wonderful teams on Etsy, and part of your responsibility is to create treasuries featuring team members.
I think one of the hardest parts about making the treasuries is that there is just so much wonderful stuff to choose from! I was lazy today and really couldn't settle on a theme, so I just wandered through my favorites and let it go from there!
Here are a few picks from the batch:

Click here to see the whole treasury!

Sweetheart from Tastesorangey — Be still my heart!
Ball, Chains and Freedom from swakdesigns — I love the texture of this wonderful scarf!
Organisims No. 1 by Naomilayne: inspired by scientific illustrations of the past
Reminds me of Ernst Haeckel's fantastic work!

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