Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Here's a custom painting I just completed recently — Gossip Girls!
As the USA was celebrating the the birth of it's nation, I was thinking about all of the milestones that the past month held. My husband, Matthew and I started the month off, celebrating our 20th anniversary, my oldest daughter graduated high school and my youngest daughter graduated from middle school.

Summer seems to have swept in while I wasn't looking and here it is July 5th!

As I attempt to catch up with life and blog, I will start on a festive note; the Backyard Bird Giveaway!

On the morning of July 1st I gathered up all the entries, compiled them into a list, cut them up, put them in a hat and the winner was drawn.

Natalie Tetzlaff won the 2-painting set and is in the process of picking her favorites for me to wrap and send — Congratulations Natalie!

I have many more items to chat with you all about, but will save those for another post.

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  1. What a busy, busy month! Congrats on all the exciting accomplishments in your family!