Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Katie's Kitchen: Fresh Fruit Fraisier

 I use to cook.

There was even a time in my past — as an unhappy art director working for an ad agency — that I thought of giving it all up and becoming a chef. It took me exactly one catered affair to change my mind.

It's been many years since; living on both coasts, meeting the love of my life, raising 2 wonderful daughters and finding the passion I was searching for in an easel and brush. 

But, even now I still can't resist the lure of recipes. If you saw my cookbook collection, you might think I was an accomplished cook, or at the very least someone who actually did cook. Nope. I just love reading about cooking! Especially the pictures.

Juggling my work, kids and sanity keeps me busy enough for a good excuse to not cook. Until the time comes when life slows down, I will live vicariously through those who do spend there time, lovingly creating culinary works of art. With the appreciation of a connoisseur, I will continue to enjoy my voyeuristic pastime!

All this brings me 'round to my addiction to Katie's Making Michael Pollan Proud blog. (Her tendancy towards luscious desserts helps, too.) 

Katie recently featured a Fresh Fruit Fraisier — as a challenge she completed for a very fun web-based group called Daring Baker. Katie explains, "Daring Bakers brings cooks from across the world together once a month to create a common dish and try out recipes they might not have dared attempt on their own."

I think Katie's gorgeous confection looks like just the thing for a hot summer party. Visit Katie's blog to find out how she made this dreamy dessert!

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  1. What a delightful blog post, Nancy! Thanks for writing about my fresh fruit fraisier. It was so much fun to make!